Aurobindo on Tips on how to Do Yoga and Why he has Rewritten Savitri Ten or Twelve Instances

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The nice Yogi Maharishi Aurobindo (Delivery 15-Eight-1872 Samadhi: 5-12-1950) was very emphatic in stating that solely he might write really about himself. And therefore we now have to learn his writings, letters and many others to learn about him.

Swami Vivekananda guided him in his yogic apply in Alipore jail.
Aurobindo himself revealed:”Within the Alipore jail I had the Gita and the Upanishads with me, practiced the Yoga of the Gita and meditated with the assistance of Upanishads; these had been the one books from which I discovered steerage; the Veda which I first started to learn lengthy afterwards in Pondicherry relatively confirmed what expertise I already had than was any information to my Sadhana. I typically turned to the Gita for gentle, when there was a query or a problem and normally, obtained assist or a solution from it. It’s a proven fact that I used to be listening to consistently the voice of Swami Vivekananda talking to me for a fortnight within the jail in my solitary meditation and felt his presence. The voice spoke solely on a particular and restricted however crucial subject of religious expertise and it ceased as quickly because it had completed saying all that it needed to say on that topic.”
He has answered the query, “Tips on how to do Yoga” himself.

He says: “One (not a disciple- I had no disciple in these days) requested me the best way to do Yoga. I mentioned: Make your thoughts quiet first” He did and his thoughts grew to become fairly silent and empty. Then he rushed to me saying: “My mind is empty of ideas, I can’t assume. I’m turning into an fool.” He didn’t pause to look and see the place these ideas he uttered had been coming from! Nor did he notice that one who’s already an fool can’t turn out to be one. Anyhow I used to be not affected person in these days and I dropped him and let him lose his miraculously achieved silence.

The same old approach, the best if one can handle it in any respect, is to name down the silence from above you into the mind, thoughts and physique.”

Aurobindo’s thoughts grew to become stuffed with an everlasting silence in sooner or later. It was ever with him.
The nice rishi has written the traditional Savitri for the sake of mankind. He needed to write and rewrite it ten or twelve instances!

The disciples have been questioning why he must write and rewrite his poetry so many instances when he had all of the inspiration at his command and do not need to obtain it with the issue that faces budding Yogis like them.

Aurobindo answered:” That may be very easy. I used Savitri as a method of ascension. I started with it on a sure psychological stage, every time I might attain the next stage I rewrote from that stage. Furthermore I used to be particular- if half appeared to me to come back from any decrease ranges I used to be not happy to depart it as a result of it was good poetry. All needed to be so far as attainable of the identical mint. In actual fact Savitri has not been regarded by me as a poem to be written and completed, however as a subject of experimentation to see how far poetry could possibly be written from one’s personal Yogic consciousness and the way that could possibly be made inventive. I didn’t rewrite Rose of God or the sonnets besides for 2 or three verbal alterations made in the mean time.”

From this we might simply perceive that in Savitri we might discover his Yogic consciousness. Savitri will information a real aspirant of Yoga.

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